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Carrie Parker-Clawson

How do you limit your gratitude to such few characters or put into words how Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen saved you from an altered state? Let me attempt to do so, but first a little history. In 2019 after years of strange illnesses, misdiagnosis’, and a major decline in my health, it was discovered I was close to kidney failure. I had endured multiple surgical procedures that never correlated with the other leading to confusion amongst my providers. Late July 2020 it was discovered my 2015 breast augmentation had yielded implants that were recalled and both had ruptured, leaking deathly toxins throughout my body. The only means to an end was a very difficult removal, reconstruction, and replacement. Due to the complexities of the reconstructive surgery there was no option to leave the implants out. Day 4 post-surgical I developed an encapsulated contracture and made my way to urgent care. The aggressive manipulation of the contracture ripped the man made connective tissue and limited the blood supply to the area. It was stated that I would quite possibly loose my breast to tissue necrosis if vitality was not restored and rejection continued. This is where Brad and his team came in. Stay with me. I have always been blessed and favored so God placed people in my life to share the benefits of HBOT. Though apprehensive because of extreme claustrophobia I knew I had to act if I wanted to save my new appendage, and possibly my life. Brad was great, the first “dive” I was not so successful but he didn’t let me quit! I came back day two with a mindset it had to work. I was continually reassured when fear struck and talked through the anxieties of the procedure. I have since slept through several! As I near the end of my treatment plan, I look back at my 100% recovery (120% because I’m healed of the “permanent damage” of my kidneys) I’ve made. The surgeons have called it a small miracle, I call it HBOT!

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Thomas Boone

Great environment, very clean and professional. Brad is super knowledge friendly and only looking out for the best interests for his patients. Would highly recommend checking them out.

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Leta Fitzgerald

Brad and the team are so caring, helpful, and kind. We’ve been coming for several weeks after my husband’s severe stroke. Houston Hyperbaric is one of the few places that have hospital grade hyperbaric chambers available to stroke patients. The treatments have helped tremendously with his healing. We highly recommend them and the hyperbaric treatments for healing stroke and other injuries.

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Andrew Innes

The service I experienced at Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center was both professional and compassionate. Upon meeting the staff members, I immediately felt welcomed and supported. Brad, the office manager, took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions and address any concerns. After a few weeks of receiving treatment at Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center I began to see improvements in my stamina. Hyperbaric oxygen has been a pivotal piece in bettering my health following a critical medical set back. I encourage anyone seeking HBOT to consider this facility.

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Jay Stout

I want to give a really huge thank you to Dr. Boyle's team at Houston HBO Center. I had symptoms from long haul covid or whatever you call it for several months after getting over covid. I had debilitating fatigue and inflammation that was causing severe headaches daily. After 18 sessions it seems like most of my symptoms are completely gone. I can actually function as a normal human again! Treatment was a little expensive, however this seemed to be the only treatment that worked and was completely worth it.

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Ray Echt

They were very informative, helpful, and kind. I highly recommend checking out the center.

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Christopher Beasley

The team at Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center are not only very professional, but also friendly and kind. They made my treatments pleasant, and at a remarkably low cost compared to other providers in the area!

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Margaret Brimer

The experience with Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center was wonderful. Brad was extremely helpful throughout the process. From helping find a new neurologist to rearranging his schedule to fit my family’s schedule so that my son could be seen. My son experienced an increase in speech and awareness with HBOT.

Hyperbaric-Oxygen-Therapy Google Review
Margie Massey

From the first moment we were associated with HHOC we were treated with ultimate kindness and respect at every turn. The staff went out of their way to accommodate for our every need and comfort. The therapy we received resulted in excellent results, including congnitive ability and improvements in speech. The therapy was affordable and effective for us. This group is more than a a treatment center. They care deeply about their patients and go the extra mile. They even helped by assisting us in finding an excellent Neurologist as well as accommodating our changing schedule. At HHOC you are treated like family.

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Clint Darrell

After my first few sessions at Houston Hyperbaric Oxygen Center we have already seen improvement in our recovery. I have a sports injury and play soccer. I am seeing amazing improvement in my physical therapy and feel this is leading me to a faster recovery. Brad has gone out of his way to make sure we were taken care of at our schedule and times we were available.

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Deron Miller

If you are experiencing cost/insurance issues around this critical treatment this is the best and least expensive facilities in the State of Texas. Highly recommend!

Hyperbaric-Oxygen-Therapy Google Review
Paige S

Wonderful business, wonderful owners!

Hyperbaric-Oxygen-Therapy Google Review
Bridgette Longoria

I came here after a referral from my surgeon for a poorly healing surgical wound. The team is absolutely amazing! They are so knowledgeable and incredibly kind. The treatments are actually affordable compared with going to a hospital and having such great people on staff made the experience enjoyable.

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Matthew Thorpe

My name is Matt and I must say that this place is great. The people working there are great. They really care and love their jobs. I notice stuff like that as I am a business owner. I left there everyday in a better mood than when I came in. Some of that is the hyperbaric oxygen but a lot of it is the people. I have tbi from a flying injury. Hyperbaric oxygen seemed to help.

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